How a Smart Gas and Electric Hot Water Heater Benefits Homeowners

Precise and affordable installation of gas and electric water heater Agoura Hills, CA available from plumbers near you today!Smart appliances are making homeowners’ lives easier, improving the efficiency of appliances, and saving money. We have smart phones, smart refrigerators, and smart thermostats, but have you heard of smart water heaters? If you are shopping for a new gas or electric hot water heater in Agoura Hills, here are some reasons to consider buying a smart appliance.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is a concern for many homeowners. With rising utility costs, it’s a good idea to find ways to save money whenever you can. The average water heater accounts for 18 percent of energy generated in a home. That’s a substantial amount. Smart water heaters aim to reduce this amount.

Smart water heaters can do this by recording day-to-day usage and providing homeowners with energy usage reports. These reports are generated and sent to smart devices such as a tablet or to smart phone via a mobile app.

Smart Appliance Give Homeowners Remote Control

One of the most useable features of smart appliances, including water heaters, is the ability to control energy usage remotely. With water heaters, homeowners can monitor the heating from their smartphones and make adjustments to thermostat settings when they are away from the house. For example, let’s say you’re away on a family vacation and you realize that your electric hot water heater is heating water that isn’t going to be used for days. Smart water heaters let you turn the appliance off so you’re not wasting valuable energy and money.

Smart Water Heater Installation Service

As with any gas or electric hot water heater, we suggest hiring an Agoura Hills plumber to perform professional hot water heater installations service. Having a licensed and bonded plumber install your new water heater ensure that the appliance is installed correctly, protects the manufacturer warranty, and that any questions you have will be answered.

To learn more about how smart water heaters can benefit you, call Agoura Hills Choice Plumbing. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and take pride in our 100% customer satisfaction rate.

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